Monday, August 21, 2006

Warshrag Received!

To be completely accurate, I should say warshragS received -- and what fabulous warshrags they are!

Now, my partner already emailed me to let me know that she forgot to include a note telling me who she is (and I'm assuming my partner is a she -- please forgive me if you're a he!), but I just couldn't wait to find out before posting this "thank you" to the list. Once my partner reveals her/himself I'll post again to let everyone know who made these beautiful cloths. Now my only dilemma is which one to use first! :)))))


UPDATE: My secret pal revealed herself to be Elizabeth of the Bad Kitty blog! Elizabeth, thank you so much for the awesome warshrags -- you're a great pal! :)


Blogger Stephanie B. said...

Wow, that really sets a standard! I'd better finish my other UFO so I can get back to more warshrags!

6:22 AM  

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