Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hi all!

I think blogger is having some issues. I sent out all the invites, but some of you seem to have not received them. There was one member of the swap who finally got it after a long wait, so I think the issue is just maybe wait another day or so to see if the invite gets there. Those that have emailed me regarding not getting the invite, I checked and your invite shows still pending, so let's wait one more day and see if it gets there, it might just take a little longer than others. If after tomorrow you don't have it, we'll go from there :)

And a HUGE thank you to Jennifer for the buttons she's made for us! Thanks Jennifer :)



Blogger kelpkim said...

yeah, the buttons are great! thanks Jennifer! this will be my first button to put on my blog!
i can't wait to see it up!
thanks again! :o)

3:47 PM  
Blogger bethc said...

My invite came mid-day yesterday (Tuesday) so there does seem to be some sort of delay! Thanks!!

7:16 AM  

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