Friday, July 28, 2006


A little info...
HollYarn and myself are putting
together a Mason Dixson SwapCloth swap!

We thought it would be fun to have a swap where we'll put together pairs, of course, and send out homemade warshrags or Euroflax towels to each other :) We're still sort of putting it together, hopefully in the next day or two we'll have it all evened out, but the gist of it is, we'll most likely have two groups, one for those who want to swap the Euroflax towel (those will be in the EURO group) and those who want to swap washcloths (either one from the book is fine) (those will be in the AMERICANA group). Anything beyond that that you'd like to send is your choice, as long as you do send one of those things. Other treats are not required, but I'm sure will be appreciated, as we all love getting surprises!

We'll be sending out an email to those who have already responded and for those who want to join and have not yet, we have an email account set up at mdkswap AT gmail DOT com
Please email us the following:

Snail Mail
Do you want to do the EURO or Americana Swap (see above)
Do you smoke (or live with others who smoke)
Do you have pets?
Favorite colors?
Do you prefer your cloths to be used in the kitchen or bathroom?
Are you willing to be a Swap Angel? (A swap angel is someone who will make an extra cloth or towel for a pal who has a deadbeat swapper)
Are you willing to be an international swapper?

Feel free to post a post to your blog if you have one, spread the word! I think the more the merrier! :)

Also, regarding blogs, you're not required to have one to participate so far, but we'd like people to be able to post on here if they'd like. You know, show off your loot and ask questions, etc.

Feel free to email us with any questions. *points* She's Holly. I'm Tracey. Nice to meet you all!

The SwapSisters


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